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Walk and You Shall Accomplish Three Good Deeds!

If you are blessed with the opportunity of going for the Ziyarat of Aba Abdillah at Arba'een, why not consider performing two additional good deeds?

The As-Sadiq Islamic School in Toronto have organized a charity walk from Najaf to Karbala in January 2012 in support of their school as well as for the school in Karbala, the Orphanage of Syeda Rukiyya (AS).

By accomplishing three good deeds within the single act of showing your love to the Prophet's near relatives, Allah swt will insh'allah shower you with multiple rewards. For safety reasons, participants will be performing the walk in small groups at their own pace to reach Karbala by Arba'een on 13/14th January 2012. Please register as a walker on this website and use the tools to send emails to your friends and family to donate and support your walk.

As-Sadiq Children will walk and fund-raise with You!

On Friday, January 13th, 2012 at 2:30 pm, the As-Sadiq students along with the community members will be enacting the same walk of the Prophet's family from Najaf to Karbala in the school campus at the Jaffari Village in Toronto.

The students of As-Sadiq School will "earn" the money from their parents and relatives by performing good akhlaq deeds.  Each student must perform a minimum of 40 (Arba'een) good deeds and raise a minimum of $40.00. Students will be provided a paper printout of 40 footsteps to symbolize the walk. They are requested to colour one footstep to represent each good deed they may have done and also to list the deeds. Students must return the completed printout with their name clearly marked on it. The school's Character Council members launched the event by educating the classes on the significance of the Arba'een Najaf to Karbala walk. They also spoke to the students about the need to raise $500,000 for the school's capital improvement projects, which will improve the learning and resources at the school. The students applauded the notion that ten percent of all funds collected would be going to the Orphanage of Syeda Rukiyya (a.s) to build a school for the orphans in Karbala. The proposition of students helping students and believing that it is a loan to Allah (swt) gave them a sense of accomplishment. We are seeking the support from all the Madressah students as well as all the community members from all over the world and all the corporate sponsors.

Register, and/or download the sponsorship/pledge forms on this site and support this noble cause. Join the As-Sadiq Charity Walk: Najaf to Karbala. 

About As-Sadiq Islamic School

As-Sadiq Islamic School is a community school situated on Bathurst Street, south of Carrville, in the new Jaffari Village. It has operated for the past seventeen years, providing Montessori and Ontario curriculum education up to grade eight. With a current enrollment of over 340 students, the school has been built on encouraging good moral and ethical values. Our mission statement is to promote continued growth of students and staff as life-long learners within the Ja'ffari Islamic values, while upholding and appreciating the changing Canadian society. High student achievement is the hallmark of the school with above average results year after year in EQAO (Ontario Ministry testing) results and nationwide contests.

About Syeda Rukiyya Orphanage

Syeda Rukkiya binte Imam Hussein (AS)
Project under Imam Reza (AS) Foundation – under the direct Governance of Syed Ayatollah Sistani
Located in Karbala, Iraq.